Why Chimneys Leak

Regular roof and chimney inspections and chimney cleanings are highly recommended. By having a professional inspect the condition of your roof and chimney at least once a year you can prevent untimely and expensive repairs.

Let’s examine some of the common reasons that chimneys leak. One of the main reasons chimneys leak is due to damaged or improperly installed flashing. Flashing is usually made out of aluminum and acts as a protective barrier between your chimney and your roof. Tar or specialty sealing products is usually used to seal the flashing which prevents leak. An experienced and skilled roofer should always do your chimney flashing because improperly installed flashing can lead to leaks coming from the roof around the chimney. Furthermore, you should have your chimney and flashing inspected at least once a year to ensure it’s performing at its top ability.

Additionally cracks may develop in the mortar joints and bricks of your chimney causing leaks. When these cracks occur water seeps through the chimney into the house.

Your chimney may also leak if it is missing a chimney cover or the crown is cracked.

What’s most important when it comes to your roof or chimney leaking is to be preventative. If a leak goes on too long it can damage the underlying structure of your home. If this happens the cost of repair is much greater.

So make sure you choose licensed and insured roofing experts for all your chimney and roofing inspections and leak repairs. Here at Sunrise Roofing & Chimney not only are we licensed and insured, but our work is guaranteed for up to thirty years. Call us today, we’re the best Long Island chimney contractor! Call (855) 339-6009 or (631) 657-5059 for a free estimate.