Providing Snow Removal and Snow Raking Services In Nassau and Suffolk County NY

Roof Snow Removal and Snow Raking Services Long Island NY Sunrise Roofing & Chimney

Prevent Ice Dams from damaging your roof by removing snow with snow raking services by Sunrise Roofing & Chiminey, LLC

Protecting your roof in the cold winter months is very important. Sunrise Roofing & Chimney is fully staffed and prepared for emergency winter calls. We offer a number of emergency storm repairs on roofs, chimneys, gutters and siding. Sunrise Roofing & Chimney is equipped to handle the most drastic winter weather. Our team of experts offer roof snow removal in Long Island as well as snow raking services.

Many roof leaks can be caused during a snow storm.  One of our certified technicians will come to you, explain the source of the leak and provide you with an estimated price and time frame. With our roof snow removal services, we can help prevent the formation of ice dams and build up of ice in shallow parts of your roof.

When there is heavy snowfall, ice and snow may build up and exceed the weight capacity of your roof.Typical snow-fall can weigh between 1 and 21 lbs. per cubic foot. If your roof is old or flat with a low-slope pitch, your home cna be endanger of a serious leak.

Suffolk County tends to get more snowfall than Nassau. The amount of snow we get on Long Island depends on a number of natural factors. Sunrise Roofing & Chimney has snow removal services for any type of roof throughout Long Island.

Keep water out of your home with sunrise roofing services

Water is a great thing to have but not when it’s leaking into our homes. Sunrise Roofing & Chimney can safely and effectively safeguard your home with a number of our roof repair services. When snow comes knocking on your door this winter, make sure you prevent damages from occuring by hiring our Long Island roofing contractors!

How to prevent roof leaks caused by snow on your roof

There is a number of things you can do to prevent roof leaks that are caused by snow. When snow accumulates it starts to build up and turn to ice. The thicker the sheet of ice, the heavier the snow will weigh. The heavier the ice is on your roof the higher the risk your home can suffer from roof leaks. There is a number of things you can do to prevent a roof leak.

  • Scrape snow from the roof whenever it falls
  • Replace your shingles with standing seam or metal roof
  • Clear out gutters and downspouts
  • Seal all points where warm air can leak into spaces below the roof sheathing
  • Hire an expert roof snow remover

Roof Snow Removal Dangers

There is a number of dangers that are associated with doing this yourself. That is why it is important to hire a professional to remove snow from your roof. Dangers from removing snow yourself include:

  • Slipping off the roof
  • Overexertion
  • Falling ice and snow
  • Slipping on the ladder
  • Falling through roof

How we remove snow from your roof without damaging shingles

Our carefully trained experts never start any snow removal from the top of your roof. We always start from the bottom and carefully remove layers of snow using snow rakes. We make sure to slowly and selectively pick and choose lose layers of snow to remove first. We do this to prevent dislodging and removing shingles and gutters from your roof.

When snow becomes to heavy to loosen from the bottom, then our snow removal team will take the neccessary measure to rake snow from the top.

The best way to ensure the safety of your home and roof is to make sure you prepare before the storm. If you feel your roof may be vulnerable to the next snow storm, then give Sunrise Roofing & Chimney a call. We will send our snow removal experts to evaluate your roof and start the prepping process.

Preventing ice dams from forming

Sometimes snow is not enough to cause a leak in your roof. When snow melts across it trickles down toward the eave. If the temperature is below freezing then the trickle may form a mini glacier until it gradully builds up a layer and a “dam” of ice forms.

Ice dams can form a small pool when when water collects behind the layers of ice. The water will then rises under your shingles until it reaches a hole that can seep into your home.

Rely on us for snow removal on roofs and gutters, clogged vents, damaged shingles or siding from the snow. Best of all, our estimates are completely free and our work is guaranteed. You have nothing to lose!

To find our more about roof snow removal and snow raking services, contact Sunrise Roofing & Chimney. We service a number of towns including Medford, Islip, Sslandia, Bay Shore, Smithtown and Ronkonkoma. For a list of areas call (631) 657-5059.