Roofing Repair In Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk County NY

Roofing Repair In Long Island NY by Sunrise Roofing and Chimney Inc.Roof repairs are our specialty. If your roof is damaged cosmetically or is leaking, our qualified roofing technicians at Sunrise Roofing and Chimney, Inc. will be able to help you. We service all of Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island. We have been in business for over 15 years servicing residents of Long Island with roofing repair and installation.

We will diagnose your roof problem so you understand your options clearly. If there is minor damage to your roof it should still be handled right away to prevent more serious or expensive repairs.

When it comes to roofing repair and installation, choose a roofing company on Long Island that is licensed and certified to work on your home. Our roofing experts are familiar with Long Island and operate all through Nassau and Suffolk County.

How can I tell if my roof is in need of repair or maintenance?

The best visual cues for when a roof is in need of repair or maintenance is when you notice:
·  Shingles missing
·  Bubbling
·  Mold and/or stains
·  Leaking
We always recommend having our professional technician assess your roof, free of charge.

HRoof Replacement In Long Island by Sunrise Roofing and Chimney in Medford NYow will I know when it’s time to replace my roof?

Replacing a roof on Long Island can be stressful, especially around hurricane season. The best visual cues for when a roof is in need of replacement are the following:
·  Leaking
·  Peeling shingles; shingles easily detached by the wind
·  Bubbling
·  Underlying plywood sinking

We match your existing shingle material and colors with all roof repairs!

 Do I have to replace my entire roof if it leaks?

Every roof is different. In most cases we can repair that particular section of damaged roof, but all cases are handled on a case by case basis. Our roofing repair specialists will come and evaluate your roof to make sure you et exactly what is needed to fix the problem. Sometimes minimum roofing installation is required. It all depends on the severity of the damages.
Other cases can include damage from snow or ice dams. Build up of snow can lead to roof leaks. You can prevent roof leaks from occuring by looking into our roof snow removal services. Roof snow removal can help prevent you from having to replace an entire roof.

Can I do roofing work myself?

We always recommend having an experienced professional assess and repair your roof issues due to the potential danger presented by height and/or pitch of the roof.

How long will my roof system last?

Each roof is different; most shingle roofs can last anywhere from 30 to 50 years. The lifespan of the roof depends on the type of roof and the materials used.

What does a new roof system cost?

The installation of a new roof system varies in cost and has not basic pricing due to multiple variables:
·  Size of the roof
·  Type of shingle
·  Amount of layers
·  Pitch of the roof
Roofing repair and installation of a new system also depends on location. Houses on Long Island are all built differently so roof systems will vary depending on the size, length and complexity of the roof.

Roofing Repair on Long Island by Sunrise Roofing and Chimney in Medford NYCan a new roof be installed on top of my old roof?

A new roof can be installed atop of the existing roof if the existing roof is in good condition (architecturally sound) and has less than two layers.

How do I choose the right roofing company?

Choosing the company to make the repairs to your home depends on different factors, which is why we always provide links to our Angie’s List, Networx, Yelp and Google reviews. This way you can read for yourself how happy our customers are after we have completed their home repairs. Also, you can find details pertaining to each customer’s home repair in Nassau and Suffolk County.

What type of roofing materials should I choose?

Sunrise Roofing and Chimney Inc. uses high quality roofing materials to repair, install, replace and maintain your roofing system. We recommend and use:
·  Owens
·  Corning
·  Tamko
·  GAF
·  ICO

How long does a re-roofing job take?

The time frame to complete a roof job can be as little as two hours for a small repair or two days for a whole roof replacement. The time to complete is also dependent upon the size of the roof we are repairing or replacing.

How long does it take to put a new roof on a house?

The time frame to complete a roof replacement may take two days for a whole roof replacement. The time to complete is also dependent upon the size of the roof we are repairing or replacing.

How much does it cost to replace a tile roof?

The pricing for a tile roof can range and we recommend allowing one of our technicians to provide an estimate for a more accurate price for your particular roof.

How many years does a tile roof last?

Each roof is different; most tile roofs can last an average of 30 years. The lifespan of the roof depends on the brand of materials used.


Take a look at our roof repair project being completed from beginning to end: For more information or to schedule an appointment with a roofing specialist, contact Sunrise Roofing and Chimney call (631) 657-5059.

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Take a look at some of our roofing repair projects.

BeforeRoof1_Sunrise-Roofing-and-Chimney          After Roof 1 Sunrise Roofing and Chimney

BeforeSkylight1_Sunrise-Roofing-and-Chimney          AfterSkylight1_Sunrise-Roofing-and-Chimney
roof-repair-before          roof-repair-after

roof-vent-before          roof-vent-after chimney-flashing-on-shingles          new-skylight roof-repair-copper-before          roof-repair-copper-after chimney-flashing-for-leaks          roof-repair-flange pipe-flange-before          pipe-flange-after

Our technicians are forthright and honest. After inspecting your roof we will be able to explain your options to you. We provide 100% free and honest estimates for reliable work.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

We’re so sure you’ll be satisfied we offer a satisfaction guarantee – that includes up to 10 years on labor and up to 30 years on material depending on the manufacturer.